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[team-member name=’The Northern Periphery Programme‘ descr=’The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 aims to help peripheral and remote communities on the northern margins of Europe to develop their economic, social and environmental potential. The success of the programme will be built on joint projects creating innovative products and services for the benefit of the programme partner countries and Europe as a whole.,’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’CECODHAS HOUSING EUROPE‘ descr=’Established in 1988, CECODHAS Housing Europe is the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing – a network of 45 national and regional federations which together gather about 41 400 public, voluntary and cooperative housing providers in 19 countries. Altogether they manage over 27 million homes, about 12% of existing dwellings in the EU.,’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’POWER HOUSE EUROPE‘ descr=’POWER HOUSE is working to gradually link up Europe’s 39,000 local housing providers in a “Big, Green Housing Exchange”. Social housing providers, energy efficiency contractors and researchers can plug into the POWER HOUSE Network at European, National and local level to reach housing managers with your greening ideas.,’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Sustainable Building Materials‘ descr=’Sustainable Building Materials Scotland provides free public events across Scotland showcasing examples of best practices in using sustainable materials. These events are an initiative of the NEES Project at Glasgow Caledonian University, the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), and Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS).,’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

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