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The NEES Project had 18 Associate Partners who were invited to participate in the Project and gave a written commitment to this effect. They were mainly private companies that work in the sector but also include housing associations and social enterprises. Associates agreed to contribute their expertise to the NEES Project. Six are based in different part of Ireland, two in Northern Ireland, two in Scotland, three in Sweden and three in Greenland. In addition to these, one is a Europe wide network of local authorities and social enterprises.

[team-member name=’Anú Green Limited’ descr=’Anú Green Limited is an award winning green roof and living wall specialist company based in Cork, Ireland. Anú Green provides skills and expertise in design to protect the integrity of a building, improve it and ensure the long term success of your green roof or living wall.’ image=’’ height=”email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’CEC-Design’ descr=’CEC Design is an Associate Partner to the Umeå School of Architecture, Sweden. CEC Design provides sustainable building and urban design. They provide general advice on climate, energy and comfort in building and urban design, assessments of energy use and thermal comfort, building energy performance ratings for LEED/BREEAM certification and ASHRAE standards, post construction evaluations and energy audits, training, lectures and seminars.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Clúid Housing Association’ descr=’Clúid Housing Association, Cork, Ireland was established in 1994 and is a non-profit housing organisation which develops quality social housing for communities in Cork, Galway and Dublin. Clúid is an Irish word meaning ‘the seat beside the fire’ – the corner seat that was vacated for the guest, or reserved for the venerable elderly member of the family. The concept expressed here of neighbourliness and home is central to Clúid’s work. Over their 15 years in existence Cluid has developed over 4,000 properties.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Ethos Ltd’ descr=’Ethos Ltd., t/a, Energywise was established in Limerick, Ireland in 1998 and provides independent energy audits, energy management training, renewable energy feasibility studies and building energy ratings. Energywise also assists clients, through mentoring and training, who wish to comply with energy, environmental and quality management systems such as ISO50001: 2011, ISO14001: 2004 & ISO9001: 2008. The company offers unbiased advice on energy efficiency and are keen to support organisations in their endeavour to improve their energy performance.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’First Class Insulation’ descr=’First Class Insulation (FCI) was contracted by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) in July 2011 to insulate the homes of householders who qualify for the ‘Warmer Home Scheme’ in Galway City and Galway County (excluding Connemara and Gaeltacht areas). A manager and 7 full time operatives are funded under the Community Services Programme to deliver the scheme. The employees have undergone extensive training in attic insulation, cavity wall insulation, draught proofing and energy advice.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Historic Scotland’ descr=’Historic Scotland (HS) is an Agency within the Scottish Government and is directly responsible to Scottish Ministers for safeguarding the nation’s historic environment, and promoting its understanding and enjoyment. Its’ role is to deliver policy and advise on all aspects of the historic environment on behalf of Scottish Ministers. HS carries out statutory functions relating to two acts of Parliament – the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979, and the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997 that grants HS the authority to list structures for their architectural or historical significance. Historic Scotland’s staff encompass a wide range of disciplines and skills including Archaeologists, Art historians, Conservators, Craftsmen, Custodians and key keepers, Building professionals and Specialised support staff and administrators. All provide a single agency in Scotland to safeguard the nation’s heritage for present and future generations.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’The International Hemp Building Association’ descr=’The International Hemp Building Association (IHBA) develops, promote sand supports the production and use of all hemp based construction materials and their by-products in a sustainable and bio-regional manner for the benefit of the ecology and communities of all regions of the world. The IHBA aims to work for the gathering and dissemination of knowledge about the materials and systems from those developing and using them, to those wishing to. The IHBA assists its members in  developing systems for both production and use of the materials in vernacular and new styles of architecture appropriate to their particular region. The IHBA also develops policy to educate and inform government and trade bodies to help in the establishment of the infrastructure necessary to create a hemp building industry throughout the international community. The IHBA will at all times work to ensure that the use of such materials has the least environmental impact possible.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Irvine Housing Association’ descr=’Irvine Housing Association is a Scottish non-profit making Housing Association established in 1993. By 2011, the Association’s housing stock was in excess of 2,100 properties. In October 2011, Irvine Housing Association became a subsidiary of The Riverside Group ( The Association’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in its’ Sustainability and Environmental Policy. A principle focus of which is to work with customers to reduce their energy consumption through advice and modifications to the fabric of the buildings. For new builds, the association is targeting the highest legislative targets for energy saving in domestic buildings.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’MAF Arkitektkontor AB’ descr=’MAF Architectural Office AB was founded in 1939 by architects Bertil Mattsson, Lennart Alexis and Bertil Franklin.  With 30 employees today MAF provides architectural and interior design to urban and city planning. Their main goal is to create environments with long lasting values and qualities with characteristic architecture that suits the conditions of every site. Function and aesthetics, technique, economics, and environmental consideration come together in harmony, producing a sustainable product.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Municipality of Jokkmokks’ descr=’The municipality of Jokkmokk is situated at the polar circle. It is the second largest in size of all Swedish municipalities and only slightly smaller than Slovenia. Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Laponia) Jokkmokk is a centre of climate-friendly energy production: almost 70% of households are connected to the biomass district heating and roughly 15% of Sweden’s hydropower (ca 7% of total electricity) is produced here. The municipality is member of a green city-network “Ekokommuner” and has signed the EU Convenant of Mayors. It is also a centre for education, trainings and research, not at least also in the area of energy.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Municipality of Sermersooq’ descr=’With just 21.000 inhabitants living in a number of settlements of varying size, the municipality of Sermersooq is Greenland’s most populous and the world’s second largest municipality stretching over more than 600,000 square kms across the ice cap. Large parts of the municipality are covered by ice sheet, glaciers and ice fjords and no roads between the towns or settlements. Although Greenland has lagged behind mainland Europe in developing green solutions, keen efforts are being put into greening the municipality.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Oaklee Homes Group’ descr=’Oaklee Homes Group Ltd is based in Northern Ireland and is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, which provides and manages quality social housing, care and support services to meet a wide range of needs. With 4,500 units of accommodation, Oaklee have introduced energy saving measures making their homes more affordable to run. They have also developed a number of innovative schemes in Northern Ireland, including homes built with recycled paper and sheeps wool insulation with hempcrete as the outer skin. The award winning homes also have MVHR systems, triple glazing and solar panels to generate electricity.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Rachel Bevan Architects & Consultants’ descr=’Rachel Bevan Architects is based in county Down, Northern Ireland. This architect’s practice incorporates knowledge of ecological construction and the health and environmental impact of design into their designs for buildings and products. The practice has both a design and hands-on expertise in “Hemp Lime Construction” and their publications include “Natural Building” and the “Green Building Handbook”. The company is a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, Natureplus, Building Limes Forum, EBUK, the Small Woods Association, Scientists for Global Responsibility & AECB.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’RAMBOLL Greenland’ descr=’Ramboll Greenland A/S was established in 1988 as a subsidiary of Ramboll, and is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in Greenland with offices in Nuuk and Sisimiut. Ramboll Greenland A/S has 20 employees all with experience in Arctic engineering. The company has designed many major buildings and plants within the fields of Industry, Infrastructure, Trade, Energy and Environment, Housing, Developing, Education and Culture. The company has a particular emphasis on how we produce, transmit and consume energy in order to keep pace with changes to the global climate. As a result Ramboll Greenland A/S provide their customers with cost-effective solutions that meet today’s rigorous standards.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’REVES’ descr=’REVES represents, defends and promotes the common values of its members via European and Internationals institutions. Together with its’ members it aims to create positive conditions for the development of a social and solidarity based-economy. Members are from cities and regions across Europe including France Italy, Germany Belgium, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Maroc, Poland and Sweden.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’SysPro Systems for Progress Limited’ descr=’Syspro Systems for Progress Limited is a Training and Scientific Consultancy based in Glanmire, Ireland whose specialities include sustainable development, leadership skills, technical abilities, regulatory knowledge, training, project management skills with a strong focus on quality and continuous improvement. Other areas of interest include, Retrofit Schemes, Carbon Footprint (LCA), Water Chemistry, Environmental Policy, IT Development Skills and Quality Systems.’ image=” height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Theil 1′ descr=’Theil 1 was founded in 2008 by Dr. Colm Cryan and Dr. Murt Redington. The company has a wide range of clients from domestic start-up enterprises to multinational manufacturers. Theil 1 supports its clients by providing fundamental scientific know-how, particularly, built environment research, design and development. The company is currently providing technical support and training in the areas of sustainable refurbishment; rainwater harvesting; thermal imaging; material modelling and testing; as well as distributed wireless sensing.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Tyréns’ descr=’Tyréns AB is one of Sweden’s leading urban planning consultancies specialising in planning and infrastructure solutions that promote sustainable development. Founded in 1942, Tyréns today employs more than 1,100 employees, has 30 offices nationwide with partners in London, AKT II. Owned by a private foundation, Tyréns is a leader in research and development and works closely with universities and research institutes.’ image=’’ height=” email=” linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

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