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NEES Project launches Results Website

Press Release – NEES Project launches Results Web Site

Over the past 50 years there has been considerable commercial development of building materials, some of which aim to enhance energy efficiency. They are for the most part chemically and industrially manufactured and include high-technology advances as nanotechnology, embedded sensors for smart buildings, photovoltaic cells, etc. There is, on the other hand, a notable lack of research into products of renewable or recycled origin, such as timber, hemp, straw, wool, and recycled paper, even though it is known that these materials have less environmental impact at production and disposal stage, There other benefits that these products could bring, lower costs, less waste and pollution, improved indoor air quality, absorption of atmospheric pollutants and the reduction of VOC’s. They could also promote social and economic benefits to local communities, particularly those that are based on agricultural and forestry products or have high levels of urban unemployment.
The NEES Patnership is today launching the NEES Results Web Site, which aims to collect and make available the principal products of the 3 year NEES (Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability) Project that since 2011 has pioneered the identification and promotion of such products and services specifically in the peripheral north of Europe, with the support of the EC’s Northern Periphery Programme (NPP). The NEES Project was developed by a Partnership of 8 universities and social enterprises in 5 different EU countries, under the leadership of Cork Centre for Architectural Education. It was supported by 14 associate partners from these regions. In the NEES Result Web Site provides you will find:

Introduction to the NEES Project (video)
Details of Associate Partners
Presentations at Partner Meetings
Presentations from Public Events
Details of Study Visits undertaken
NEES Best Practice Criteria and selection process
15 selected Best Practices in products and services that use renewable and recycled materials
6 Pilot Projects that apply these Best Practices
Life Cycle Assessment of the Parnell Cottage, Cloyne, Cork Pilot Project
Vocational Training Modules and a Training Manual for NEES Best Practices
Business Feasibility Assessments for Best Practices
The NEES Final Content Report
Follow on Proposals arising from the NEES Project

The NEES Results Web Site is a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of renewable and recycled materials for energy efficiency in buildings and how they are being used in the Northern Periphery.
Through the site interested builders, architects researchers and environmentalists may find out about how one European region is combating climate change and promoting sustainability in building by using their own skills and products, and register to participate in future events ad projects undertaken by the NEES Partnership.
For more information contact: Jose Ospina, Project Manager, NEES Project, Tel (+353) 28 21890, Mobile (+353) 86 8224429, e-mail