Arctic Technology Centre Sisimiut

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The Arctic Technology Centre (ARTEK) is a research centre under the Technical University of Denmark.

The centre has an active role in teaching engineering students in Arctic technology and holds in-service training for Greenlandic and Danish students and professionals.

The research is focused in three main fields: sustainable building and construction technology, environmental protection and waste management, and energy efficiency and renewable energies. The subjects include: energy efficient arctic buildings, retrofitting of existing houses, water treatment, waste management, cleaning of fly ash, in-situ burning of arctic oil spill, renewable energy production (solar, biogas, wind and hydro) and research and mapping activities related to permafrost.

Arctic Technology Centre

Sanaartornermik Ilinniarfik
Box 1001, 3911 Sisimiut, Greenland
Tel.: +(299) 86 44 88