Vocational Training

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The NEES Partners have designed and commissioned a series of Vocational Training Modules, based on the selected NEES Best Practices and NEES Pilot Projects, aimed at FETAC Level 6 or CPD Certificate level. These vocational training modules will document the use and benefits of the NEES approach and the various materials and services identified throughout the NEES Project. The NEES Certificate Course and the accompanying Training Manual will be made available to interested Partners and Colleges and Universities for future delivery as either a FETAC Vocational or a CPD Professional Course.

The NEES vocational training package consists of set of training modules that address the various aspects of Natural, Energy Efficient and Sustainable (NEES) building practices. The package is made up of six modules:

  • Module 1 General principles
  • Module 2 Construction Methods
  • Module 3 Envelope 1 Roofs and earth construction,
  • Module 4 Envelope 2 Windows and insulation,
  • Module 5 Accreditation and certification and
  • Module 6 Energy and water usage.

The modules are designed to be stand alone and each module can be delivered individually or as part of the series. Each module consists of a PowerPoint slide presentation which contains notes and images. Module 6 is designed as a support module and covers some of the fundamental building energy principles.

The NEES Training Manual contains additional training support material that can be used to aid delivery of the modules and a list of the headings from each module and the intended learning outcomes.

NEES Training for Sustainable Building: Introduction and Overview

NEES Training Manual

NEES Module 1

NEES Module 2

NEES Module 3

NEES Module 4

NEES Module 5

NEES Module 6

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