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[team-member name=’Kevin McCartney’ position=’Cork Centre for Architectural Education’ descr=’Professor at University College Cork, the Founding Director of the joint UCC-CIT Cork Centre for Architectural Education, which offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees in Architecture. Graduate of the Architectural Association, and awarded a doctoral degree by the Royal College of Art in London, for research into the role of energy models in the architectural design process. Author of around 60 works on sustainable, bio-climatic architecture, intelligent buildings, design pedagogy and design process. Joint winner of the RIBA International Competition for a Sustainable School Design in 2001 (with Colin Stansfield Smith and John Pardey), and author of the Culture of Timber report, examining the environmental impacts of using timber in school buildings. Research work includes the Portsmouth Smart Homes for residents with restricted limb mobility (a demonstration project for the UK Housing Corporation), participation in the Networked Embedded Systems in the Built Environment team (NEMBES), and leader of the five-nation R&D project on Natural Energy Efficient Sustainable building materials and services (NEES) funded by the EU Regional Development Fund’s Northern Periphery Programme.’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’′ facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Dr. Paul Baker’ position=’Glasgow Calendonian University’ descr=’Paul Baker is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University. Originally a materials scientist, he has over 30 years of experience in building science research, including air-infiltration measurements and ventilation issues, passive solar-energy use and moisture-related problems in buildings. He has been a task leader in international and European research projects, concerned with the assessment, measurement and analysis of the performance of building envelopes and building components. He is involved in various research projects for English Heritage and Historic Scotland investigating the hygrothermal performance of building envelopes of traditional buildings, with a particular interest in the risks associated with refurbishment. He is currently participating in a major European FP7 project “Climate for Culture” concerned with the assessment of climate change on damage risk, macroeconomic impact and mitigation strategies for sustainable preservation of cultural heritage.’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’′ facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Geza Fischl’ position=’University of Umea’ descr=’Part-time project assistant at Umea School of Architecture, Visiting Professor (ranked) and Visiting Researcher at Mapua Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture, Industrial design and the Built environment, Manila, The Philippines. Architect-researcher at Figur-A Architect studio. View the CV,’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’′ facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Professor Tom Woolley’ position=’University of Ulster’ descr=’Tom Woolley B.Arch, PhD is an architect and environmental researcher living in County Down Northern Ireland. He was Professor of Architecture at Queens University Belfast from 1991 to 2007 but now works as a freelance educator and environmental consultant for Rachel Bevan Architects. He has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Central Lancashire, Centre for Alternative Technology, University of Gloucestershire and University of Umea. He has recently been working on an EU Research project with University of Ulster. Tom is the UK representative on the international board of ARC-PEACE, a UN accredited organisation, a member of the National Committee of Scientists for Global Responsibility and a meber of the board of Natureplus.,’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=” facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Peter Barfoed’ position=’Artek’ descr=’Peter Barfoed is an architect born in Copenhagen who grew up by the cyrolite mine in Ivigtut,South Greenland. He studied and was educated as a carpenter in both Greenland and Denmark. He earned his certificate in Architecture from the Academy of Arts Architecture Department in Copenhagen. He returned to Greenland and worked for three years at Henning Larsens drawing office. He has been working at Tegnestuen Nuuk AS since 1984 studying and designing buildings in relation to the particular climate conditions of the Arctic. He now co owns the company and he has been involved in the design, maintenance or rebuilding of many unique buildings including The Culture House, Nuuk, the Greenland Institute for Natural Resources and building smallest university in the world built for 146 students. As an architect in one of the harshest climates in the world Peters architectural practice is at the forefront in designing cold weather buildings that incorporate solar panels, lower level entry ways, and are situated for natural light and wind deflection. His articles have been published widely and he is a regular speaker and contributor to seminars and conferences across the globe. Download the CV,’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’′ facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’Colm Cryan’ position=’Northside Community Enterprises’ descr=’Dr. Colm Cryan is the Course Director for Construction Management and Engineering at the University of Limerick and the Director of the Building Physics Research Centre. At the university, he spends his time developing methods that facilitate the incorporation of best practice sustainability into all aspects of the built environment. The centre has a wide range of projects with industry partners including; rainwater harvesting, modelling natural light in heritage buildings and in-situ thermal testing. One of his research focus areas is next generation refurbishment; a process of optimising the performance of existing buildings while protecting their embedded heritage. Prior to joining the university, Dr. Cryan was the Director of BRE Ireland, and a Group Leader at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies’ – Lincoln Laboratory. He is currently in the final stages of completing a Corporate MBA.’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’’ facebook=” twitter=”]

[team-member name=’John Scahill’ position=’Clar ICH’ descr=’John is a chartered engineer and is the programme coordinator of the BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Building Technology programme in GMIT.  Prior to joining the teaching staff at GMIT, John worked in the private sector as an engineer, project manager and as a partner in a multi-disciplinary architectural practice.He has expertise in mechanical and electrical building services design, sustainable building technology, energy auditing, and renewable energy system installation and is a certified Passive House Designer.’ image=’’ height=” email=’’ linkedin=’′ facebook=” twitter=”]

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